About Me

Hi name is Al…

Started out long ago, on a TRS-80 computer with a cassette tape drive. Hand typing pages of hex code from magazines that were usually printed with errors made you pretty good at debugging and working things out on your own.

From then lots of computer code has gone under the bridge DOS all flavours of Windows. Some Linux, Scripting on just about everything that has a processor.

Written some commercial apps, several web sites/shopping  carts, utilities.

Languages: Basic, PHP, HTML, Java, c++, python, all the scripting languages etc. Built many small and large computer systems, networks.

Recently I’ve been playing with WEMOS, ESP8266, MCU’s and Raspberry Pi’s single board computers generally having fun and learning new things, I want my tech to do stuff and these toys get it done.

Self taught with no formal computer education, bull dog attitude to find the best solution to a problem.
never interested in the fastest solution just the one with the longest up time.

I’m looking at 60 years on this planet way in the rear view mirror, some say I can be a bit grumpy.(However It’s nicer to say fixed in my view)  Feel free to tell me I’m wrong we can talk about it just don’t expect me to change my mind easily.

Thanks for reading…